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Ugg Express popup returns to the Easter Show in 2019!

Posted on by Uggexpress Shop

If you live in or around Sydney, the Royal Easter Show is one of those incredible rites of passage as you grow up.

First, you go with your parents, then your school, then your own friends and eventually your own family. The Royal Easter Show captures your heart and imagination - it leaves an impression that spans generations.

This year Ugg Express is thrilled to announce we will once again return to the Easter Show with our favourite Ugg styles - such as our classic short uggs.


We’ll also be stocking everyone’s favourite Rosa Slippers.

Rosa Slippers

So where to find these wonderful uggs?

We are in hall 2, as you head to The Dome.

Ugg Express location at easter show

We’re heading into winter, so why not pop into our pop up store while you’re at the Easter Show? You can pick up some cosy new uggs to keep your feet nice and warm through the chilly mornings and evenings.

But wait! There’s more!

If you stop by our popup store at the Easter Show you can get $10 off your uggs!

Simply take a screenshot of the voucher below, or mention it to the staff as you’re buying your uggs. You can enjoy your uggs and a discount!


Ugg Express Easter Voucher

From the team at Ugg Express, we hope to see you at the Royal Easter show in 2019!