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As seen on TV: 5 times uggs appeared in movies and TV shows

Posted on by Uggexpress Shop

It is no surprise that people around the world absolutely adore their ugg boots and slippers – we know from our customers alone that 25% of them wear their uggs most of the time!

So, is it any wonder that some of world’s most popular TV shows and movies have characters enjoying the comfort and style of ugg boots, too?

We have found some recent shows and movies that have featured this much-loved style.

#1. The Big Bang Theory

From the premiere in 2007, the Big Bang Theory has kept us laughing with their scientific humour and range of characters. One of the most notable characters is Penny, an aspiring actress who doesn’t mind a day relaxing in her ugg boots.

big bang theory penny uggs


Penny is seen in these cosy shoes over the 12 seasons, however, one of our favourite looks is in her red ugg boots. For those looking to match this look, try our new arrival – Australian Shepherd Mini Classic Special Colour Ugg Boots – in the sangria shade.

If you love the colour but prefer a slipper, get your hands on our Australian Shepherd Morgan Scuffs in rose.

#2. Schitt’s Creek

Arguably one of the most popular comedy shows at the moment, Schitt’s Creek has just finished its final season but has graced us with the beautiful Alexis just in time.

Sporting a pair of classic short ugg boots rolled down to expose the soft wool inside, Alexis owns the ‘work from home’ look while on her laptop.

If you are loving this casual look, you can create it yourself with our Australian Shepherd Short Classic Ugg Boots, Jumbo Australian Made Short Classic Ugg Boots, Australian Made Short Classic Ugg Boots or even our Tarramarra Cancer Council Short Classic Ugg Boots (if you are looking for a gorgeous blue shade and want to support a great cause).

#3. The Fault in Our Stars

Popular since it was released in 2014, the Fault in Our Stars was a beautiful and heartbreaking story of two young people battling cancer and falling in love.

Depicting some of the hard realities of battling the disease, the main female character Hazel is seen in her ugg boots while out with her love interest Gus.

Offering comfort to her outfit, Hazel has chosen a classic style to pull on. 

fault in our stars uggs


You can find similar styles at Ugg Express including our Everugg Short Button Ugg Boots, Australian Shepherd Short Zipper Ugg Boots and Australian Shepherd Short Double Back Bow Ugg Boots.

#4. Pretty Little Liars

For seven years, Pretty Little Liars had viewers guessing the identity of ‘A’ and while this took up a lot of the four main characters’ time, they still had a chance to relax and unwind (as best they could).

One of these characters, Hannah, took full advantage of the break and got cosy in her very own pair of uggs.

ashley benson in uggs


Hannah has chosen to fold down a pair of classic tall ugg boots – you can also rock this outfit with our range of ugg options.

Treat yourself to a pair of our Australian Shepherd Tall Classic Ugg Boots or if you want something a little different, you can take home the Australian Shepherd Tall Zipper Ugg Boots, Australian Shepherd Lace Up Tall Ugg Boots or the Australian Shepherd Tall Triple Button Ugg Boots.

#5. Dirty John

Based on a true story, Dirty John looked at the lives of John and Debra as he manipulated her and her family during their love affair.

Debra’s daughter Terra is seen in the show relaxing around the house in her classic mini ugg boots.

dirty john uggs


We have a range of mini options from classic to patterned that can help you also keep snug around your house. You can try ourEver Ugg Mini Classic Ugg Boots, Australian Shepherd Mini Classic Ugg Boots, Ever Ugg Bailey Bow Mini Ugg Boots or Australian Shepherd Mini Zipper Ugg Boots.

We love seeing all these styles in our favourite TV shows and movies and we know there are plenty more that have featured this classic footwear. We will definitely be keeping an eye out next time we watch TV!

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