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Your guide to choosing the perfect ugg boot size for you

Posted on by Uggexpress Shop

With a thick layer of genuine Australian sheepskin and wool, it can be hard to decide which ugg boot size is perfect for you.

We want to make ugg boot shopping simple and make sure you can slip into a cosy pair of Ugg Express boots with ease. So, we've created a guide to choosing the right ugg boot size for you.

Discover what you need to consider when shopping with Ugg Express - read on!

#1. Remember - we work to international ugg boot sizes

At Ugg Express, our ugg boot sizes are in line with international sizing guides for footwear.

Our size guide clearly outlines footwear sizes from across the world so you can find the best ugg boot size for you.

#2. When in doubt, measure your foot

When shopping online, it's common to be uncertain about which size shoe would work best for you.

If you're feeling uncertain, you can measure the length of your foot while barefoot – from the back of your heel to the tip of your longest toe – in inches.

You can then compare this to our size guide and find the perfect fit.

#3. Choosing whether to go up a size

Unsure whether you need to go up a size? The answer depends on what style you're looking to purchase.

For example, if you are buying one of our fashion styles or shoes without a sheepskin lining, our regular sizes should work for you - no need to go up a size.

However, if you have wide feet, Greek feet, or higher feet, you might consider going up a size (examples can be found in the diagram below). 

Also, if you are considering a pair of Australian sheepskin ugg boots, it would be best to purchase a size up as the sheepskin tends to up some of the room normally reserved for your feet.

#4. Keep in mind your ugg boots will stretch

The first time you put on your ugg boots, you may find that they are a little too tight – rest assured, this is normal!

In the first few weeks of wear, you will notice the internal lining and external material will begin to soften and shape to your foot.

#5. Consider whether you will want to wear socks with your ugg boots

Although we typically recommend that you wear ugg boots barefoot to utilise the sheepskin’s temperature-regulating ability, some people do prefer to wear socks.

If this is the case, consider how thick your socks are and choose your ugg boot size accordingly – this may even be two sizes larger than what you would normally get.

#6. For ugg fans with narrow feet 

If you have a narrow foot, it is usually best to get a size down in our non-sheepskin styles.

However, when purchasing ugg boots, you should choose your regular size as these boots have a thick layer of sheepskin.

Still unsure about the perfect ugg boot size for you? Get in touch with our support team at