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The three must-have additions to your trans-seasonal wardrobe - slippers/slides, rain boots and sneakers?

Posted on by UGG Express

Has Autumn got you feeling down? We are here to make things better and inspire your trans-seasonal wardrobe!

A change of season means you need new shoes, of course, we have rounded up the three must-have styles to ensure you are sorted no matter the weather that is thrown at you.

Cosy slippers or slides

With the weather stuck somewhere between cold and hot, a pair of slippers are the perfect, or slides are the choice for these kinds of days. Thanks to extra breathability due to its moisture-wicking properties, it will ensure your feet are kept warm but dry. Our pick is the Australian Shepherd Muffin Slippers for a true classic.

Also, to keep up with the trends, a pair of the Australian Shepherd Waffle Platform Slippers is another good choice. The removable strap provides you with more flexible wearing styles to match your wardrobe.


A Stylish but just as practical pair of rain boots

While La Nina is declared over, it's always good to be prepared for rainy days in autumn and winter, so why not be prepared? Luckily a pair of rain boots can be stylish too, slip on our Australian Shepherd Vivily Rain Boot Gumboots and watch as you turn heads whilst also keeping dry, in addition, the removable wool insoles will keep your little feet warm and easier to clean!

For those days of extreme weather, we also have the Tarramarra Veronica Tall Rainboot Gumboots with removable sheepskin wool insoles on offer, so you can just focus on the day ahead rather than what the weather has decided to do!


Sneakers for the trendiest outfits

We are so happy that a pair of sneakers have become the ultimate shoe for all kinds of weather. They have such a breathable style that allows you to be comfortable in them all the time. Not to mention our sneakers keep fashion at the forefront of the mind, so there really is no excuse why you can’t own a pair. So what are you waiting for? Slide on a pair of our EVERAU Como Sneakers, and start your comfort and modern days.

Or go for something more streamlined and feminine in the Tarramarra Julissa Sneaker Slides. The cut-out lace design of these beautiful sneaker slides displays a casual yet elegant style with a bit of fun added on.

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