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Our top ugg boot trends

Posted on by Uggexpress Shop

Create a statement with your ugg boots - whether you are lounging around the house or flashing your favourite pair on the streets. Picking a new pair of ugg boots isn’t as easy as it used to be with so many colours and styles now available.

Here at Ugg Express, we have found out our customers’ favourite colours and styles and we wanted to share these with you in case you find your new favourites too!

Mini Classic Ugg Boots in Chestnut

Our Mini Classic Ugg Boots are perfect for those looking for a low-rise classic ugg style with a water resistant exterior. Our chestnut shade has proven to be a favourite in all styles with over 73816 people adding this colour to their shoe collection.

Short Classic Ugg Boots in Black

Made with premium double face Australian sheepskin providing a cosy interior and exterior, our Short Classic Ugg Boots are a fantastic addition to your wardrobe. Able to be worn all year round, these ugg boots are most popular in black - boasting a sleek matte finish and the ability to be seamlessly added to any outfit.

Tall Classic Ugg Boots in Grey

If you are looking for a pair of ugg boots that will keep your legs warm as well as your toes, our Tall Classic Ugg Boots are the way to go! With grey being the most in demand shade, these ugg boots will bring classic style and expert craftsmanship to your footwear collection.


Twin Button Ugg Boots in Chocolate

Our Twin Button Ugg Boots offer a fresh twist to the classic short design with two gorgeous buttons adding a statement feature. This popular shade is being worn by over 18869 Ugg Express customers.


Mini Back Bow Ugg Boots in Navy Blue

Bringing some fun back into the traditional ugg boot design, our Mini Back Bow Ugg Boots feature a range of classic and bright shades with a stunning bow on the back of the ankle. Our navy blue style proves to be the winner with the exterior boasting a rich and unique shade while the bow and interior features a slightly lighter blue creating a beautiful contrast.


Mina Boots in Pink

One of our more recent arrivals is our Mina Boots, perfect for those aiming to add a fun and edgy element to their outfits. Boasting a best-selling pink shade, these boots can be paired with a skirt, dress, shorts or jeans making them a fashionable and versatile option in your wardrobe.

  All these styles and colours can be purchased online or in store! To keep up to date with styling ideas for these items, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram .