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Say hello to our latest collaboration with Tom & Jerry!

Posted on by Uggexpress Shop

tom & jerry collaboration alert

We have just released more fun items for our Tom & Jerry collection just in time for spring!

Celebrating 80 years since this iconic duo first appeared on screen, we have created an entire range from Tarramarra's best-selling collection – exclusively stocked at Ugg Express.

This unique collection has been designed to provide ultimate comfort and durability while adding an element of fun to your wardrobe!

Our new arrivals boast a range of products from ugg boots and sneakers to socks and hoodies created from a variety of high-quality materials including Australian sheepskin and wool.

In this article, we explore some of our favourite (and fun) items from the new release - read on!

#1. Tom & Jerry Muff Mini Classic Ugg Boots

Bringing Tom & Jerry to the classic ugg boots design, you will love these ugg boots on a chilly morning! With cheeky images of Tom & Jerry across the back alongside their names, you can show off your cute new shoes around the house or out and about.

girls tom & jerry ugg boots

#2. Tom & Jerry Fluff Short Classic Ugg Boots

Featuring the red signature Tom & Jerry writing across the front of the ugg boots, our Tom & Jerry Short Classic Ugg Boots boast premium Australian Sheepskin on exterior details and in the cosy inner lining.

girls painting in their tom & jerry ugg boots

#3. Tom & Jerry Toots Mini Boots

We love a pair of chunky boots - even better when they boast a fun design! With the iconic characters featured on the boots and cheese detail on the end of the laces, these boots are bound to make a statement when wearing them around with your favourite outfits.

chunky tom and jerry themed boots

#4. Tom & Jerry Toodles Moccasins

Slip your feet into our Tom & Jerry Toodles Moccasins - boasting an adorable design with both Tom & Jerry featured across the front of the slipper. Available in pink and chestnut shades, these moccasins will be your go-to when you want to add some fun to your outfit.

tom and jerry themed moccasins

#5. Tom & Jerry Robyn Sneakers

Sneakers are forever in vogue - and we love this style! With Tom & Jerry featured across the back of the sneakers and labeled straps across the sides, these platform shoes can be paired with all your favourite ensembles moving into spring.

tom and jerry themed sneakers

#6. Tom & Jerry Trina Socks

If you are looking for statement ankle socks, look no further - we have three adorable designs right here. All three styles feature bold Tom & Jerry text in a range of fun colours and are made with 100% cotton.

100% cotton socks

#7. Tom & Jerry Freddie Hoodie

These basic black and white pullover shirts are great for everyday wear, especially as the weather starts to get warmer. Boasting a range of fun comic-like images of Tom & Jerry across the front, both shirts are 100% cotton and offer both comfort and style.

tom and jerry hoodies

#8. Tom & Jerry Pecos Hoodie

Everyone loves a cosy, comfortable hoodie - so why not pick up one with a cute design? Our Tom & Jerry Pecos Hoodie features a small Tom & Jerry print on the front with a colourful image across the back. Available in white, grey, and black, you will be living in this hoodie whenever the weather gets chilly.

tom & jerry jumpers

#9. Tom & Jerry Quacker Sneaker (available from late September)

This classic design is perfect for all year round and comes in a range of gorgeous colours. Featuring the iconic Tom & Jerry characters, these sneakers have a durable rubber sole and high ankle design.

These everyday shoes will offer you support as well as add fun to your outfit.

tom and jerry sneakers

Shop our entire Tom and Jerry collection now.