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How to style your men’s sneakers

Posted on by Uggexpress Shop

Styling men’s sneakers can prove to be a difficult task so here at Ugg Express, we’ve decided to give you a hand! We have created the ultimate styling guide to take the guesswork out of your next sneaker choice.

Keep them clean

It is so important to keep your sneakers clean and looking good as new! To keep them looking fresh, regularly wash your laces, brush suede and wipe down your leather shoes with a soapy cloth. When you first buy a pair of leather sneakers, treat them with a protector spray to minimise future damage and markings.


Dress for the occasion

Sneakers come in a number of styles that can be worn across a range of occasions, so how do you pick the right pair for your event?

For a casual look, you can get away with most styles of sneakers. Our Gordon slip-on sneakers are a fun way to add some colour to your outfit, coming in both blue & white and yellow & black. If you would like an old school sneaker look, our black Blago sneakers are your perfect pair, which can be worn with jeans or shorts seamlessly. When wearing hi top sneakers such as our Shelley sneakers, these are best worn with only casual attire.

slip on sneakers


If you’re planning a smart-casual outfit, sneakers can now be dressed up for a sophisticated and stylish look. Pair a slim-fitting suit with a tee and clean, leather sneakers – think our Z Power sneakers and Amos sneakers. You can also try combining a pair of sneakers with a button up shirt, smart jeans and a blazer for another classy ensemble.


black sneakers


Ensure your accessories and sneakers match

One mistake that can be easily made is not matching the style of sneakers to your accessories. If you are wearing a casual pair of canvas sneakers, it is going to look odd coupling them with a flashy watch or top of the line cuff links. Ensure you work the same level of smartness throughout the entire outfit.

Styling statement sneakers

When wearing a statement pair of sneakers, that’s exactly what you want them to be – a statement. Keep the rest of your outfit simple and if you can dress in monochrome, even better! Our Real sneakers are a fantastic pair to add to your wardrobe if you are ready to turn heads.

white sneakers


For beginners

If you are unsure where to start, pick up a pair of black jeans and some classic black or white sneakers. Play around with your tees and jackets to add sophistication to your look before venturing into the more statement sneaker styles.

We hope these tips will help you put together some incredible and stylish outfits for your upcoming events. All our men’s sneakers are available online and in store with no shortage of choice. Check out our latest collections to look your best this season!