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How To Keep Your Sandals Fresh

Posted on by UGG Express

Warmer weather brings the need for one (or maybe three!) pairs of sandals to help you put your best foot forward this summer. One thing that’s a bit tricky in the more humid and hotter months is how to keep your sandals fresh and last all summer long.

With a few simple techniques, you can keep your sandals clean and fresh for many summers to come.

#1. Keep Your Favourite Sandals on High Rotation

Try and avoid wearing the same shoes every day. Rotating two or three pairs will give your favourite sandals time to air out.

#2. Air Them Out

Did you know that your sandals love a bit of sun as much as you do? Treat yourself and your sandals to an afternoon relaxing in the sun. UV rays from the sun can disinfect any unwanted bacteria and keeping them out in the open will give them a chance to breathe. But be careful, too much sun isn’t good for you or your sandals as they can fade.

#3. Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is truly a holy grail you should keep handy on your shelf at home. Sprinkle it over your sandals at night to help neutralise any odours that may be brewing.

#4. Coat Your Sandals in Powder Before Wearing

At the beginning of the day, sprinkle some baby powder inside your sandals. Throughout the day, this absorbent powder will wick away moisture from your feet, keeping your shoes and feet fresh all day.

Summer Wardrobe Update

Did you hear? We have an exciting new Spring & Summer collection! Here are some sandals that every summer wardrobe needs:

TARRAMARRA Jianna Slides

The Jianna slides is a chic style providing an instant update to your spring and summer wardrobe. These effortless slides offer a round open toe and a sparkling buckle detail to the top. Finished with a natural footbed, this look provides a glam beach-to-bar look.

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TARRAMARRA Jennifer Slides

Our Jennifer Leather Woven Flat Slides have been handcrafted from premium in two versatile colours, kitted with three straps that are re intertwined to create a flattering cutout effect. Elevate your look as they go with everything from printed dresses to jeans.

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EVERAU Women Leather Flat Sandals Chela, TARRAMARRA Women Leather Flat Slides Junia and TARRAMARRA Women Flat Sandals Taunia

TARRAMARRA Lucianna Sandals and TARRAMARRA Leilani Sandals

There is a reason why this sandal style is one of the hottest trends this summer. They’re cool and super comfortable and our Lucianna Strap Sandals as well as Leilani Strap Sandals are no exception. From the chunky rubber soles to the adjustable fastening straps, you’ll be able to wear them with everything from denim shorts to flowing maxi dresses all day long.


TARRAMARRA Julissa Sneaker Slides

Julissa is the sneaker slide of the season. A cool and casual mule design sneaker that features crochet detailing. Adding all-day comfort and security, it also features a rubber sole with added slip resistance.

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TARRAMARRA Olive Slides and TARRAMARRA Lindsay Slides

The beach season is almost upon us and we have the perfect footwear for you. Grab your beach bag and slip into the Tarramarra Oliver Slides and Tarramarra Lindsay Slides, your feet will be comfortable all day long.


TARRAMARRA Jianna Slides and TARRAMARRA Julie Slides

At the office or a night out on the town, style comes easy with the TARRAMARRA Women Slingback Sandals Ginny and TARRAMARRA Women Platform Heels Slides Julie. Featuring a classic slip-on and slingback style constructed from PU leather as well as the heels for comfortable all-day wear, they both will be your go-to pair in Spring and Summer.


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