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3 unique designs from our favourite collaborations

Posted on by Jason Su

Love ugg boots but already have all the classics? At UGG Express, we're here to help you find a look that's a little more distinctive.


Our collaborations with brands like Hello Kitty, Tom & Jerry and Cancer Council have yielded fun, eye-catching designs - perfect for street style and standing out from the crowd.

In this blog, we share some of our favourite items from our collaborations - find a look that's quintessentially you!

#1. Hello Kitty Moccasins & Scarves

If you love the glamour and cuteness of Hello Kitty, consider slipping into a pair of our super adorable Hello Kitty Moccasins. The subtle cat ear shape and small metallic bows make it easy to style these shoes with jeans, shorts, or a matching dress.

hello kitty slippers
hello kitty moccasins

As the colder months approach here in Australia, a nice warm scarf wouldn't go astray! Match your Hello Kitty Moccasins with a vibrant Hello Kitty Wool Scarf - each scarf is double sided, so it’s like having two in one!

This is super soft scarf is perfect for those of us who like to incorporate cute little details into their everyday wardrobe. 


hello kitty scarf

#2. Tom & Jerry Sneakers & Hoodies

Our High Top Canvas Sneakers with the ever-cheeky Tom & Jerry adorning the sides are an ode to the characters who got their start way back in the 1940s!

The sneakers are comfortable for everyday wear and have an element of uniqueness that will take your outfit up a notch!

tom & jerry sneakers


If you’re feeling bolder and would rather wear your fave characters front and centre, we also have this jumper or this hoodie - both with awesome colourful designs that are sure to bring back some nostalgia.


tom & jerry hoodie



tom & jerry jumper




#3. Cancer Council Ugg Boots & Slippers

Our Cancer Council collection includes two variations of our uggs - Cancer Council Boots with Bailey Bow and Cancer Council Short Classic. Available in the iconic navy blue and yellow colour scheme of the charity, the lining is so beautifully soft that it feels like your feet are getting a gentle hug.

cancer council ugg boots
blue ugg boots

Looking for a shorter style? We also offer Home Slippers and Moccasins in the same colours! Not to mention, 20% of every sale goes back to the Cancer Council to help them keep fighting towards a cure.

blue slippers


Love these outlandish designs? You can see more products and designs from our collaborations right HEREIn the meantime, follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more style inspiration and fresh new arrivals!