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6 items you need for the perfect Aussie gift box

Posted on by Uggexpress Shop
Stuck at home while your friends are globe-trotting across the planet and dazzling everyone with their envy-inspiring Instagram posts?

Are there a few family members living overseas, far from the comforts of home?

Or maybe one of your best mates from another country needs a reminder of the best we Aussies have to offer.

Time for an Australian care package!

The best present you could possibly give someone living or travelling abroad - of course, it’s an Aussie gift box. Think of all the glorious Down-Under treats these poor souls are missing out on...

Tim Tams, Vegemite, and their trusty, heart-warming Uggs!

Send your loved ones the ultimate care package. Send them pieces of home with our guide to creating a perfect Aussie gift box.

Aussie Care Package Option #1. Milo 

How about a nice Aussie hot choccy to warm up those drearily cold Northern Winters?

Milo is pretty hard to come by overseas.

Ovaltine or Cadbury just isn’t the same.

And Milo doubles up as the perfect ice-cool homesickness cure on a hot Summer’s day as well.

So item one on your Australian care-package shopping list is a tin of Nestle’s finest. Send your loved one the gift of a cup (or 50) of Milo. It’s the most comforting remedy for the sweet-tooth suffering from separation anxiety.

Hot, cold or scooped straight out of the tin - you can’t go wrong with Milo.

Aussie Care Package Option #2. Arnott’s biccies 


Every dyed-in-the-wool Aussie has an unhealthy obsession for a good old-fashioned Arnott’s bickie.

Send over a selection of biscuits for your loved ones including Tim Tams, Monte Carlos, Iced Vovos and maybe even some Hundreds & Thousands for a childhood treat.

Remember - opinion is fiercely divided - there’s a good chance your bud has a particular favourite they will passionately defend (and consume) to the death. Make sure you’re across their Assorted Cream of choice before you overcommit to an unwanted Kingston or a devastating Scotch Finger.

Better yet, items one and two gleefully complement each other.

Can’t go wrong with an Arnott’s bickie and a piping hot Milo!

Aussie Care Package Option #3. Vegemite

Nobody really understands why Vegemite tastes so good. Least of all any disbelieving foreigner. Apart from its position anchoring the Australian food pyramid as a daily diet staple - Vegemite provides your overseas friend with the perfect tool to disgust and horrify unsuspecting guests.

No classic Australian gift box would be complete without a giant jar of Vegemite.  Make sure you don’t skimp out with the travel tube - it will barely last the length of a crusty German loaf.

If you really want to go wild, source yourself a 2.5 kg caterer’s tub. Sure, the shipping costs might be a burden, but this bad boy will last forever and you’ll have the gift that keeps on giving.

Vegemite is a must!

Aussie Care Package Option #4. Australian sheepskin Uggs

Uggs Aussie Gift BoxSource: Ugg Express

We may be moving into summer but our international friends are about to go into hibernation.

Those long, hot, blazing Aussie days become a distant, fanciful dream.

Autumn and winter can be bitterly cold in the Northern Hemisphere, so make sure to pack some Australian sheepskin ugg boots into your Aussie gift box.

Quality sheepskin and wool slippers and boots are either impossible to find or impossible to afford once you leave our shores.

This gift will be a daily Wintertime reminder of your love for your loved one.

Extra tall ugg boots are made for overcoming the colder Northern Hemisphere weather. and Button Uggs will keep the ladies toasty warm up to the knee and for the guys, Ever UGG Boots have extra built-in fluff for surviving the icy temperatures.

Aussie Care Package Option #5. Ugg boot care package

Source: UGG Express

Are your loved ones exposed to ice and snow? It’s worth sending over an ugg boot care package to keep their new boots in tip-top shape.

Boot Water & Oil Repellent will protect their new sheepskin uggs from stains and water damage while some Cleaning Spray & Detergent will help wash them if a stray mud puddle/snowball/dropped beer gets in the way!

Top it off with some quality sheepskin shampoo and your ugg boot care package is complete.

Aussie Care Package Option #6. A koala teddy

Are your loved ones too far away for a cuddle?

Then make sure you pack a snuggly stuffed koala teddy for them.

The koala teddy is a classic addition to any Aussie gift box. This cheesy souvenir mantlepiece topper is an adorable reminder of home and the unique native wildlife we have to offer. This furry friend will serve as a conversation-starter and hometown-reminder for your pal to display with pride.

The Nile has super cute, inexpensive Koalas available online for plenty of hugs abroad, or if you want to take the chance to contribute to a cause - you can purchase your teddies from the Australian Koala Foundation.

Show your distant friend or relative some love from home

When you’re far from home, there’s nothing better than receiving a box of Aussie goodies. Top up your loved ones gift box with edible goodness like Milo, Arnott’s biscuits and Vegemite but don’t forget fluffy comforts like a koala teddies and ugg boots.

The homesickness will be real.

Not sure how to ship overseas? Head over to Australia Post’s overseas shipping page for more information and options.
Feature Image: Pexels