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5 things you didn’t know about the world’s comfiest shoes – uggs!

Posted on by Jason Su
short ugg boots

While it's universally known that ugg boots are snug, cosy, and oh so comfortable, we've found some fascinating facts you might not know about them!

Ugg boots have a fun background and history - in this blog, we share our top five favourite facts about uggs.

Read on!

#1. Ugg boots originated at the beach

While you may think that ugg boots were created in the depths of winter, aiming to fight off the cold – you could be misled. The first iconic designs were actually worn by Australian surfers in the 70s who were looking to stay warm in between surfing sessions.

#2. We're actually calling them "ugly boots" 

Just like most Australian names, the term ‘uggs’ or ‘uggies’ was shortened from ugly boots! The term has now caught on around the world.

#3. Oprah Winfrey loves a warm pair of ugg boots

Oprah is renowned for making trends popular - so when she bought ugg boots for her staff and included them in her Favourite Things show, the US got on board this style quickly.

#4. Early designs of ugg boots can be dated back to World War I

While World War I ugg boot designs don’t quite resemble the iconic shoes we know and love today, WWI pilots have been pictured wearing fleece-lined ‘Fug Boots’. These ‘flying ugg boots’ were able to keep pilots warm while in the air and were some of the first designs of ugg boots.

#5. Ugg boots were originally a ‘guy’ shoe

When ugg boots first started to gain popularity, it was in the surfing community with many surfers jumping on this new trend. It wasn’t until their girlfriends started borrowing and wearing their partner’s shoes that they become a universally loved and worn shoe.

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